Recommended Road Safety Product Suppliers

Schedule of potential Road Safety Services & Product recommendations:

The worldwide vendors of road safety services & products have been grouped into 5 basic categories corresponding to the FIVE UN Decade of Road Safety “Pillars”.  The Road Safety Guru has searched the web for suppliers under each Pillar & sub-category as follows:

Pillar 1 – Management

  • Safety legislation products and services
  • Management products and services
  • Crash data systems and services
  • Research related systems and services
  • Training related products and services
  • Fleet management systems and services
  • ISO 39001 related services

Pillar 2 – Safer roads

  • Traffic signs related products and services
  • Road marking products (paints, thermoplastic  etc) and services
  • Street furniture products and services
  • Traffic calming / speed reduction products and services
  • Road works warning devices, cones, flashing lights, reflective  tape
  • Safety clothing reflective vests, trousers, jackets, hats, gloves etc
  • Road Lighting products temporary and permanent
  • Road Safety barriers / guardrails / safety fences
  • Pedestrian and animal barriers / fences
  • Traffic signals related products and services
  • Crash scene in investigation products and services
  • Survey equipment, vehicles and instruments (measuring wheel, skid resistance)
  • Traffic counters
  • Mobile weighbridges products and services
  • Specialist vehicles for installation and maintenance of signs / markings etc
  • Cycle routes related products and services

Pillar 3 – Safer Vehicles

  • Safety related accessories and services for vehicles
  • Lighting products and services (eg fog lights)
  • Braking products and services
  • Steering products and services
  • Tyre products and related services
  • Technical inspection equipment (roller brake testers, lifts, sideslip testers etc)
  • Technical inspection software and services
  • Child seats, child cushions and related services
  • Technical inspection systems. training and services
  • Motor cycle helmets
  • Motorcyclist safety clothing
  • Cyclist helmets
  • Cyclist clothing

Pillar 4 – Safer Road Users

4.1 Traffic education of children

  • Educational materials and workbooks for different age groups
  • Teacher /school resource materials
  • Off road Traffic park equipment / materials and services
  • Cycle proficiency training and testing materials
  • School patrols equipment and clothing
  • Reflective stickers and high visibility products / materials

4.2 Driver training products and services 

  • Learner driver theory educational materials
  • Driver training educational materials
  • Driving school theory training products, wall charts, cut away engines etc
  • Driving school off road track related equipment cones, electronic sensors etc
  • Driving school equipment for dual control vehicles
  • Driver testing systems and services
  • Commercial driver training and certificate of competence

4.3 Police enforcement related products and services

  • Police drink drive roadside alcohol testing devices
  • Police drink drive evidential alcohol testing devices
  • Alcohol  locks  for  fitting to vehicles and related services
  • Driver self checking alcohol testing devices
  • Police hand held  and roadside speed detection / enforcement devices
  • Police vehicle mounted speed enforcement devices
  • Speed and red light camera systems and related services
  • CCTV /  area wide traffic control (ATC) centres
  • Police vehicle mounted video cameras  to detect moving offences
  • Police radios and related services
  • High intensity high mast lights for night time crash scene investigations
  • High intensity torches for night time crash site investigation
  • High visibility reflective jackets, arm bands, clothing and lighted batons
  • Traffic Police vehicle reflective decals
  • Police vehicle roof mounted flashing lights
  • Traffic police uniforms
  • Demountable folding police signs for site control

Pillar 5 – Post crash activities

5.1 Emergency ambulances

  • Emergency ambulance vehicles
  • Spinal board
  • Stretchers
  • Emergency medical  equipment, etc

5.2 Emergency rescue services

  • High visibility clothing
  • Rescue equipment (metal cutting equipment , jaws of life  etc)
  • Fire retardant chemicals / fire extinguishers

5.3 Traffic Police

  • High visibility clothing
  • Basic first aid kit for basic treatment until ambulance arrives
  • Site control signs , flares , lamps to mark  the site
  • Temporary lighting for night time activity